Scaffidi Set to Face Hearing

It’s amazing how long politicians are able to withstand allegations such as these before facing justice – if ever:

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi is facing the prospect of a five-day public hearing over her long-running travel and expenses scandal.

Ms Scaffidi has been in mediation with the Department of Local Government for months over allegations she breached the Local Government Act dozens of times by accepting prohibited gifts and failed to properly declare others.

A damning government report, which followed scathing findings by the Corruption and Crime Commission, recommended Ms Scaffidi face disciplinary action at the State Administrative Tribunal — which has the power to disqualify her from office for up to five years.

The West Australian can reveal mediation between Ms Scaffidi and the department has broken down, leading to a directions hearing before SAT president Justice Jeremy Curthoys this week.

Another administrative hearing is scheduled next month and dates for a public hearing into the allegations have been pencilled in for February.

I can just see how the mediation would have gone:

Scaffidi: I demand that you drop this action immediately!

The State: But what about the 45 times we think you’ve breached the Local Government Act?

Scaffidi: Who cares about that, I’m Lisa Scaffidi!

The State: We politely decline your offer.

So mark 6 February 2017 on your calendars. Apparently, that’s when Scaffidi will help us to better understand her actions in this matter:

Ms Scaffidi said she was “looking forward to this matter being concluded and understood”.

I guess we can all agree on that. Have fun Lisa, you’ve earned it. For TMR’s full coverage on this matter, go here:

(Thanks to reader Sasha).



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