Climate Wankathon Begins

In the lead up to the Paris climate conference, I suggested that Obama thought people in Syria wouldn’t be so angry if global warming hadn’t made it so damn hot over there.

Perhaps having taken my encouragement, Prince Charles then chimed in and said that climate change was the ‘root cause’ of the Syrian war (yes, really).

The only thing missing now are claims that we’re ruining the solar system, galaxy and universe in some sort of butterfly effect (I sincerely apologise if this encourages some climate nut to seriously make this claim).

Now that the conference has started, we can easily see what this campaign been designed to do – extract money from us:

Chinese President Xi Jinping is calling for rich nations to honour their commitment to provide $US100 billion ($A138.98 billion) a year to developing countries to tackle climate change. 

‘Developed countries should honour their commitment of mobilising $US100 billion each year from 2020 and provide stronger financial support to developing countries afterwards,’ Xi said, according to an official translation of his remarks.

I wonder if Jinping is including China, which is responsible for around 25% of worldwide emissions and which will keep building more coal power plants and ‘maybe’ reduce its emissions by 2030? (PS: I don’t blame China one bit – I would be doing the same if I saw a bunch of idiots hell bent on parting company with $100 billion a year).

And where is this $100 billion a year going to go I hear you ask? (Don’t ask too loud, or else the climate police may come and haul you before a climate court):

That includes $US53.8 billion annually to reduce emissions and $US39.9 billion to deal with more extreme weather and rising seas, according to a report from the London-based International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

And here I was getting worried that there wouldn’t be a proper account of where the money was headed. I just wonder which section of that budget the travel and hotel expenses for this conference (with 40,000 attendees) will be booked under? (NB: 40,000 at a conservative $10,000 per person is $400 million).

At least the $800 million pledged by Turnbull so far is coming out of our existing foreign aid budget. So we’re in the clear, for now…

Buckle in, there’s another 10 days of this crap to go and the only guarantee is that a lot money will be pissed against the wall.

2 thoughts on “Climate Wankathon Begins”

  1. Now I understand why Queen Elizabeth kept Charles under lock and key and refuses to hand over the reign to him! As for helping developing countries why didn’t they hold the climate conference in one of those poor countries instead of Paris? I bet you anything if the conference would have been held in Chad the number of attendees would have melted like snow in the sun😎 Considering these climate nuts’ enthusiasm why don’t they hold their conference via video link instead of adding to the pollution using planes and taxis etc to assemble in lovely Paris ???? What a farce and utter hypocrisy!


  2. I know it has been stated by people like Gillard that: “the science is in”, but where really is the evidence that these 100 billion a year will achieve anything in regard to saving the planet?


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