Shorten Wants to Blow More Money

When is someone in the mainstream media going to hold Bill Shorten and Labor to account and ask the obvious questions on their plan to ‘modernise’ Australia’s energy production? Here are some to get started with:

  • How much will it cost to have 50% of Australia’s energy to come from ‘renewables’ by 2030 – not in cups of coffee per person per day, but in actual billions of dollars?
  • How much land space would need to be cleared in order to generate 50% of our energy from ‘renewables’?
  • How much native flora and fauna would be sacrificed in the land clearing process?
  • What impact on the Australian and global climate does Bill expect this policy to have and when could we expect to notice the impact?

NB: about 13%-14% of Australia’s total energy came from ‘renewables’ in 2014:

  • Hydro: 46%
  • Wind: 31%
  • Solar: 15%
  • Biomass: 7.6%

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