Now For the Rest (UPDATE – The Left Keeps Throwing Its Toys)

The Brexit vote has highlighted the age old difference between the collectivist totalitarians of the left – and the rest of society which simply wants to find its own way in life.

No other statistic better demonstrated the need for Brexit than this one which Judith Sloan reminded us of via Catallaxy Files:

Lord’s Prayer – 66 words

10 Commandments – 179 words

Gettysburg address – 286 words

EU regulations on the sale of cabbage – 26,911 words

When a bunch of EU technocrats literally have nothing better to do than write PhD length dissertations on things like selling cabbage, then you know it’s time to turn the lights on, finish the party and send everyone home – before they get on the hard stuff and England becomes Airstrip One.

The following reactions to Brexit have also rammed home the extreme left’s thirst for undemocratic power. Where a libertarian, conservative or anyone who is pro-democracy would have accepted the vote (with complaint to be fair) and resolved to succeed in spite of it all, the extreme left has typically thrown its toys out of the pram:

  • More than two million people have signed a petition calling for a second referendum, after Britain’s shock vote to leave the EU (TMR: let me know when you get to 17 million guys). I guess when all else fails, it’s all just a matter of making up the rules as you go along:

“We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60 per cent based (on) a turnout less than 75 per cent there should be another referendum,” says the petition.

  • After clearly being told by the UK that it didn’t like being told what to do anymore, here is the EU’s pathetic response:

Senior EU politicians, rattled by a result that few saw coming, told Britain on Saturday to hurry up and trigger the formal exit process — something the UK insists won’t happen for several months.

“There is a certain urgency … so that we don’t have a period of uncertainty, with financial consequences, political consequences,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said at a meeting in Berlin of the EU’s six founding nations.

There was even an outrageous call to ban ‘old people’ from voting – because they won’t be around to face the ‘consequences’ of their actions (yes, really):

“I’m asking because whatever you vote, I’ll vote,” she said. “After all, I’m going to be dead soon so it doesn’t matter what I think. I won’t be affected.”

If only every older person in Britain had had the humility to think the same way this week and pass on their vote to a generation more likely to be affected by the result. We’d still be in Europe this morning. We’d be laughing at how ridiculous it was to have had a referendum in the first place and just getting on with our lives.

For make no mistake, it is the old people who did this to us

Take global warming, for example. In all opinion surveys that I have seen, belief in anthropogenic global warming declines every year after the age of 25. In other words, the likelihood of a person accepting the truth of global warming is inversely proportional to the likelihood of their being alive to see its disastrous effects. Is it because people become more stupid with age? I wouldn’t presume to say so. Although obviously Nigel Lawson has. But mainly it’s just that they give less and less of a damn what happens to the rest of us as time goes on…

And then of course there is immigration… But, oh no, old people are against immigration because, well, because they are wrong about everything.

Should they have been allowed to vote in this referendum? I’m not sure that they should have been. A general election, yes. Everyone should get a say on what happens over the next five years. But over the next 50? I don’t think so. Not if you’re not going to be there to face it.

So there you have it: nobody should be allowed to vote in a referendum if they’re over 30 or 35 years of age – because they’re either too selfish or stupid. However, voting at a general election is ok, because that can’t possibly have any effect beyond the next five years. What a mind. I can just see this deadbeat itching to euthanise his mother as I write this.

Does any of this donkey plop really surprise you?

As always with the extreme left, all are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Word has it that Holland is next, with Austria also a distinct possibility in the near future. Should the latter decide to seriously explore self determination, then TMR submits that ‘Aus-raus’ be coined by the leave campaign.

UPDATE – More examples of the left’s maturity

Andrew Bolt gives us two further examples of the Left’s acceptance of the will of the people:

The House of Commons petitions committee is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

(As always, Andrew’s column is well worth reading too).

For good measure, Caleb Bond (keep an eye on this very talented young fellow) gives us a great example of the left’s utter delusion:


And lastly, Adam Piggot gives us this account which beautifully encapsulates the left’s attitude:

A young English man in his late twenties stood up and made the statement that the Brexit vote was all about immigration and racism and that was that. A few of us, (myself included), disagreed with his pronouncement and I pointed out a few factors that were behind the Leave result. While some others present agreed with me, the young man did not take this too well.

At one stage he denounced all votes as meaningless because they didn’t go the way that he wanted. The system was rigged as far as he was concerned. He brought up the last Australian election and the fact that Tony Abbott won, (the conservative leader at the time). This was his “gotcha!” moment. None of us could argue with this. There was a short silence and then I said …

“I voted for Tony Abbott.”

“I also voted for Tony Abbott,” said someone else as he raised his hand.

The look on the young man’s face was a mixture of complete horror and bewilderment. He had never entertained the possibility that anyone had voted for the demon itself, much less entertain the possibility that he would ever meet such awful people. Yet there we were, sitting before him, defying all his preconceptions, and bursting his bubble.

He retired to another room behind closed doors for the rest of the evening where his girlfriend attempted to get him to come back out and join the party. He was still in there sulking when I left.


(Read Adam’s full account here).

2 thoughts on “Now For the Rest (UPDATE – The Left Keeps Throwing Its Toys)”

  1. Thanks Adam – it looks like you need training on how to be less micro aggressive and on how to ensure that you create a better safe space for people like this.

    I’m not sure if I would use the word ‘man’ (or ‘adult’ for that matter) to describe this cretin.


  2. Hi Marcus,

    Just an update on the 29 year old man who wouldn’t come out of the room. I found out today that he was actually in tears. Apparently I “triggered” him.


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