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Outrage Police Never Sleeps

If you thought the Christmas break would provide relief from the professional outrage brigade, think again. This time the target was the interview given by Mel McLaughlan to Chris Gayle.

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Obama Blames Everybody for Gun Violence

Following the Oregon shooting, Obama’s new gun violence strategy is to blame everybody:

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Judge Recommended for Sanction

‘Taboo’ judge’s ban from sex cases

The wheels of justice have turned slowly and only partially so far for this judicial disgrace:

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VW Crisis Apparently Means We’re All Doomed

You can always rely on to come out with a scare story. This time it’s all about the VW scandal and how it will be a ‘crisis worse than Greece’. Here’s the grab from the site’s main page – which typically doesn’t quite match the substance of the story:


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Editorial – Goodes Retires: Boogate Hopefully Now Over

Adam Goodes is a champion footballer and one of the very best of his generation. By all accounts, he’s also an absolute gentlemen who gives a lot back to the community.

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About the Refugee Who Set Himself on Fire

The Earth is finally rid of this abomination.

Ali Jaffari was no plain ‘refugee who set himself on fire’. He was a convicted child sex offender and child pornography collector. He also famously weaselled his way out of a further child sex offence charge when the Magistrate (Magistrate Ron Saines) said it was simply a matter of ‘cultural differences’:

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