We’re All Going to Drown (Sometime in the Next 1000 Years) (Maybe)

Scientists say melting ice in Antarctica may already be unstable enough to raise global ocean levels 3m.

Over 10 years ago, I did the smart thing and made sure I bought my house more than 10km away from the coast line so that global warming could make it a beach side manor for me in no time at all. Unfortunately, things haven’t quite yet panned out and I remain exactly the same distance away from the coast as when I started.

That said, according to some ‘climate scientists’ and the ABC, it’s still only a matter of time before my property investment guru credentials are confirmed – with runaway Antarctic ice melt set to raise sea levels by 3 metres:

Melting ice in West Antarctica is a major concern for global sea levels, and a key area may already be unstable enough to unleash three metres of ocean rise, scientists say. 

They used computer models to project the effects of 60 more years of melting at the current rate.

This ‘would drive the West Antarctic Ice sheet past a critical threshold beyond which a complete, long-term disintegration would occur’.

Given that NASA says that the overall Antarctic ice sheet is actually growing, I’m concerned that it’ll still be a while before everyone realises how smart an investor I am. Even according to the above climate scientists, I don’t exactly need to start building my ark just yet:

‘If the destabilisation has begun, a three-metre increase in sea level over the next several centuries to millennia may be unavoidable.

All these conflicting reports were wreaking havoc with my property investment strategy. So I took an empty glass, threw some ice cubes into it, filled it to the brim with water and left it out in the sun. When I came back, all the ice cubes had melted and something ‘strange’ happened to the water level.

Looks like I’ll have to save up if I want that beach side manor.

One thought on “We’re All Going to Drown (Sometime in the Next 1000 Years) (Maybe)”

  1. Unfortunately I’m in the same boat with my investment strategy in Adelaide looking at point 6 here-

    Click to access HallettCoveBrochure.pdf

    “During the Recent ice age about 20 000 years ago,
    sea level was about 130 metres lower than today
    and South Australia’s coastline was about 150
    kilometres south of where Victor Harbor now is.
    The ice cap started to melt about 15 000 years ago.
    Sea level began to rise and reached its present level
    about 6000–7000 years ago”

    A max average of only 16.25 mm a year over 8000 years and no current Ice Age in sight. Rats! Foiled again but you never know, that geology science stuff might all be a load of hooey and these climatologists are right on to it.

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