It Still Snows at Lake Como

TMR’s European tour continues at Lake Como.

On being overwhelmed by the incredible scenery, TMR noticed something quite interesting and decided to investigate further.

Astute readers will undoubtedly have noticed the snow capped mountain in the feature picture to this post. In case you were wondering, the picture is a TMR exclusive, taken at La Punta Bellagio – right in the middle of the European summer.

I know what you must be thinking: isn’t the world supposed to be suffering runaway global warming? Didn’t Dr David Viner say that our kids won’t know what snow is anymore? How could there possibly be snow up there in the middle of summer when the Arctic was supposed to have completed melted away by now?

TMR  decided to investigate further by interviewing a local hotel owner climate expert from the lakeside town of Lezzeno:

TMR: Is that really snow on the top of the mountain?

Climate Expert: Si, that is snow.

TMR: Really!? But it’s the middle of summer. Are you sure that’s not just a pointy shaped cloud that looks like a snow capped mountain peak?

Climate Expert: Si. It is snow.

TMR: Is that normal?

Climate Expert: Si.

TMR: But I thought Dr David Viner said that our children wouldn’t know what snow is any more?

Climate Expert: I do not know this Viner man you speak of.

TMR: Oh, ok. So does it snow down here at the lake during winter?

Climate Expert: Si, it does.

TMR: Has runaway global warming ever caused the lake to dry out or significantly recede?

Climate Expert: No. In fact, because of the rain lately, the dam has been closed off. Normally, there’s a little bit of beach between the hotel and the water, but not at the moment. 

TMR: Aha!!! So, catastrophic rising sea levels caused by carbon dioxide and global warming will soon have all the towns of Lake Como under water! Aren’t you scared?

Climate Expert: No. It is just rain. It happens. And we have a dam wall.

TMR: Wouldn’t it be better if there was a long line of wind turbines on top of the mountains so that the Lake could be protected from global warming and being catastrophically flooded?

Climate Expert: Scusi signore, I must go now, I have a hotel to run.

TMR: Not at all, thank you for your time.

It looks like Lake Como is safe… for now. Just to be safe, I better enjoy it while I can:


(Taken from the Greenway del Lario – highly recommended).


4 thoughts on “It Still Snows at Lake Como”

  1. So nice to see that the Lago Di Como hasn’t been eaten up by the climate change monster and left unspoiled by idiotic and ugly windmills🤓😎


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