Climate Change Keeps Giving (UPDATE!)

If you thought that climate change had realised its full potential – and that TMR’s list from the other day* was exhaustive – you’d be wrong!

We’re dealing with one seriously talented beast here ladies and gentlemen (and others). Here are some more talents to add to TMR’s pile from the other day:

Regarding the catastrophic turbulence one, reader Terrence reminds us of the fail-proof methodology used by the ‘scientists’ involved:

“The University of Reading said the study, published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences journal, used supercomputer simulations of the atmosphere to calculate how wintertime clear-air turbulence on flights between Europe and the US would change at an altitude of around 12 kilometres when there is twice as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Those conditions are expected to occur later this century.

As Terrence quite rightly puts it:

So these are the same “supercomputer simulations of the atmosphere” (gee whiz!) that have been proven over the last 25 years to overestimate actual (benign) temperature changes by a factor of 2 to 3. Still, dreadful things are projected with remarkable precision (“a whopping 149%”) to happen exactly ….. “later this century”.

Needless to say, if you haven’t started on your climate change bucket list (plenty more of climate change’s talents are on show here), then you’re obviously a grade-A moron.


In the meantime, for crying out loud, please stop emitting – at least until the poor people of the Maldives feel safe enough to build another airport!

Ibrahim Didi

(Big thanks to readers Zyconoclast, Terrence and karabar).

(*) Here’s the original list in case you haven’t seen it yet:

4 thoughts on “Climate Change Keeps Giving (UPDATE!)”

      1. All these wild, unsubstantiated claims aren’t (or shouldn’t be) helping the warming alarmists’ cause.
        It’s funny how leftists suffer from cognitive dissonance – in this instance “climate change” turns women into prostitutes, but it also means less sex!
        You couldn’t make this stuff up, but they do!


        1. Listen to them talk about “FIGHTING climate change”!
          How does one fight imaginary demons?
          What the Hell is running around inside the heads of some of these pollies?


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