Day: June 28, 2017

Editorial – With Friends Like Chris…

Whatever charred remains existed of what the Liberal Party once stood for, Chris Pyne managed to show up and empty his bladder on them last week.

People like me have been calling out the ‘Turnbull Coalition’ for not upholding basic Liberal Party values for some time. I’ve even gone to the length of keeping a running list of Turnbull’s thought bubbles and leftist policies so that we don’t forget them all.

Quick tangent: for some fun at home, I highly recommend going here, hitting Ctrl+F, typing in ‘liberal’ and seeing how many hits you get (!). Then do the same with ‘Turnbull’ (!!) and ‘Malcolm’ (!!!).

(Yes, you really want to do this).

(It’s ok, I’ll wait…).

To more people than ever before, it’s now clear that Turnbull and his team have funneled Australian politics into an unsustainable tailspin where:

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