Ah Turnbull, You’ve Done it Again

Only the politically inept would:

  • privately tell the Chinese that they’ll ratify the extradition treaty we have with them;
  • have four (i.e. the number of death in Chinese numerology) government ministers (including the Prime Minister) publicly declare that the treaty is good for Australia and ought to be ratified ASAP; and
  • back down within 24 hours when it becomes apparent that NOBODY will support ratification of the treaty – and cause the Chinese to lose more face than they otherwise would.

Yep, real smart.

For those not familiar with this story, Australia (under the Howard government) and China signed an extradition treaty in 2007. Since then, our Prime Ministers have politely stuck the treaty up on the fridge, with the possibility that it may some day go to the pool room. That is, unless and until the treaty is ratified by Parliament, it cannot practically come into force. For example, the Senate has the power to vote down the regulations necessary to give the treaty effect.

Many have pointed out that ratification of the treaty shouldn’t occur due to China’s 99.92% prosecution success rate. When combining this with the vastly differing conclusions the Australian and Chinese legal systems have as to what actions are considered criminal, it becomes clear that ratification is a big ask indeed.

To put Turnbull’s latest failed thought bubble in perspective, consider that even Rudd and Gillard – prime Chinese fawners (when Rudd’s not referring to their alleged carnal knowledge of rats) with some of the worst political judgment we have ever seen on the Australian political landscape – didn’t touch this one with a barge pole. As for why Turnbull and Bishop decided to go head first into this pile of political radioactive waste: your guess is as good as mine.

You really have to wonder what’s coming next…

Given this and Turnbull’s recent Snowy River plan to remove energy from our grid at an alleged cost of $2 billion (I say ‘alleged’ for the simple reason there’s no feasibility study in place), it’s time to update the list of Turnbull’s thought bubbles:

  • March 2016 – Turnbull thinks about introducing a negative gearing cap and reducing the CGT discount before taking them ‘off the table’ in April 2016:

After weeks of suggesting the government might make some changes to negative gearing at the higher end of the income scale, Mr Turnbull said it was “common sense” to make no adjustments to existing arrangements.

In other words, Turnbull wants to fix the finger pointing and overlapping with more complex tax legislation, more overlapping and nine income tax jurisdictions (*) – all with the intention of collecting essentially the same amount of income tax, just with more government administration and double handling:

“From a taxpayers’ point of view, he or she would pay the same amount of income tax but the states would be raising the money themselves. We would obviously administer it and collect it for them so again there’d be no compliance costs.”

Yep, that should definitely do the trick.

(*) Six States, two Territories plus the Commonwealth.

  • 1 April 2016 – two days later, Turnbull thinks against building the taxation revolution, even though it was supposed to be the ‘the most fundamental reform to the federation in generations’. The date couldn’t have been more fitting.
  • April 2016Super tax (Episode II) – Turnbull tries to out-left Labor by increasing super contribution taxes for anybody earning over $180K.
  • May 2016 – Turnbull and Morrison announce corporate tax cuts over a period of 10 years – something which has absolutely no chance of happening. Turnbull then crashes the plane into the mountain with a complete disaster of an interview regarding the costings.
  • August 2016 – Turnbull announces that he wants to change the GST distribution system. Many misinterpret this to mean that Turnbull’s proposed change will improve Western Australia’s GST share. A review of what Turnbull actually said shows otherwise:

“We believe that we should take that opportunity, as the West Australian share of the GST increases under the current system, to change the arrangements so that we set a percentage floor below which no states receipts can fall,” he said.

“Setting a floor below which a state’s share of the GST cannot fall, immediately after it has been exceeded in this cycle, means that no other state will be disadvantaged based on their projected GST shares.”

In other words, once the current system has finished screwing over Western Australia, Turnbull will introduce a floor so that no other state suffers the same problem. In the meantime, Western Australia is free to continue suffering under the current flawed system.

  • March 2017 – Turnbull announces the Snowys – Mark II. Although no feasibility has been completed, a rigorous back on the napkin analysis has probably been done.
  • 28 March 2017 – Turnbull’s crack team announces that ratification of the China extradition treaty absolutely must happen, right now.
  • 29 March 2017 – faster than a rat, Turnbull jumps ship on the ratification plan.

4 thoughts on “Ah Turnbull, You’ve Done it Again”

  1. Good Article – One question though. I thought the number 4 was Japanese numerology not chinese. I may be wrong


  2. Marcus you repeatedly use the phrase “Turnbull thinks”.
    This is FAKE NEWS. Turnbull is incapable of thinking.
    That is how he gets himself into trouble over and over.
    The dipstick does a great deal of imagining. He imagine that there is a phenomenon they call ‘global warming’. He imagines that ‘climate’ is not a regional parameter, but a universal global parameter. Using this total lack of reasoning, he could also imagine a global language or a global currency.
    Turnbull think????? Impossible.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Innovation – innovation that’s what’s it is all about ! Meanwhile SA lives with ongoing power disasters leaving them in the “dark” and an embarassment to our nation!. What a looser Turbull has proven himself to be😫


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