Safe Schools Unit Guide Goes ‘Missing’

I was watching Andrew Bolt’s show on Sky tonight and he had a concerned mother on to discuss the Safe Schools agenda. Some of you may know her from this video:


If you’ve been reading TMR’s posts on the extreme left’s education agenda, then none of what this lady has said will come as any surprise. That said, she deserves a medal for putting herself out there and helping to increase an apathetic public’s awareness of this disgusting agenda.

If you’ve got a spare 14 minutes to go through the whole video and the patience to let her get started, then by all means do so.

During her interview with Bolt, she mentioned that some of the Safe Schools materials had mysteriously gone missing. Lo and behold, as I went to my Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ unit guide post, my link to the the guide itself was indeed dead.

But, rest assured, it is dead no more.

As it turns out, the guide has simply been moved to another part of the Safe Schools website. If someone is able to get in touch with this lady (operating under a pseudonym) to let her know that these materials can be found, then that would be great.

For those that haven’t read the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ unit guide, I highly recommend that you do so. Alternatively, if you’d like to read TMR’s cheat-sheet summary of it’s more, ahem, ‘interesting’ material, then head on over here, where I can assure you the link to the guide itself is now back up and running.

If you’d like to see all of TMR’s posts on how this whole issue has unfolded – including on how kindergarten children are also involved and how genital mutilation is incredibly justified (yes, really) – then please go here where I’ve put together a special page summarising the most egregious parts of what I know.

Also, if you come across a critical dead link on my blog, please let me know right away. The extreme left might try to run with their sickening Marxist material, but it will be over my dead body before I let them hide.

One thought on “Safe Schools Unit Guide Goes ‘Missing’”

  1. The extreme left might try to run with their sickening Marxist material, but it will be over my dead …

    How kind of you to volunteer for the chapter on necrophilia.

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