Safe Schools Issue Far From Over

If you don’t pay attention to the weeds in your garden, they will keep growing relentlessly until they completely take over. You can’t just pull a few out and leave it for a year or even a few months. They’ll come back a lot sooner than that… and in greater numbers.

If you thought that the federal government’s review and overhaul of the Safe Schools program resolved this matter, think again. Here’s what has happened since:

  • Daniel Andrews will make the Safe Schools program compulsory in Victoria. Whether or not any of the federal government’s changes will be made is anybody’s guess.
  • The Andrews government is about to introduce yet another program, this time called ‘Respectful Relationships’. Typically, the label has little to do with significant parts of the content:

Students as young as 12 will study sexualised personal ads and write their own advertisements seeking the “perfect partner’’ as part of a new school curriculum supposed to combat family violence.

The classroom material includes an example ad from a “lustful, sexually generous’’ person seeking “sexy freak out with similarly intentioned woman’’.

Another ad — to be analysed by Year 8 students aged 12 and 13 — is from a “30-year-old blonde bombshell, wild and sexy, living in the fast lane’’.

“Can you keep up?’’ it asks.

A third example cites a “hot gay gal 19yo’’ who is seeking an “outgoing fem 18-25 into nature, sport and night-life for friendship and relationship’’.

Children are instructed to “write your own personal ad for the perfect partner’’.

The Building Respectful Relationships material, which is meant to prevent family violence, is replacing religious education lessons during class time in Victorian state schools this year. The Andrews Labor government yesterday announced it would spend $21.8 million over the next two years to expand the program to kindergarten and primary schools as part of its $572m package to combat family violence. The funding will target 120 “lighthouse schools’’ and train thousands of teachers, and up to 4000 childcare workers, to teach the respectful ­relationships program.

The Camp Out organisation is hosting the camp in Sydney this week for 13 to 17-year-olds who are gay, straight, intersex or simply “curious and questioning’’ their sexuality.

Camp Out — which describes itself as a “collective guided by queer politics’’ — sent registration packs to schools across NSW.

It encourages children to “reach out to queer communities’’.

“Helping campers to queer their ideas about the future is a key goal,’’ Camp Out says on its ­website.

“For us, one of Camp Out’s central missions is helping campers to imagine what their futures might look like outside of compulsory heterosexuality — to introduce them to ideas and people that ­better fit their own conceptions of their sexualities and gender identities.

“Camp Out aims to skill LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual) in reaching out to queer communities, drawing support from those communities, and also in forming their own communities.’’

The independent Camp Out group is backed by Twenty10, a NSW and federal government funded counselling service for LGBTI children, teenagers and adults in NSW.

As you can see, the federal government’s ‘overhaul’ could prove to be little more than a speed hump for this foul agenda – if we allow it.

I can only recommend that you share this material with as many people as possible so that they can make their own informed decision. Few people have a subscription to The Australian and the rest of the media is serving up little more than buzzwords and slogans.

To help, I have designed this post as a one-stop shop for people to get informed.

Need to get up to speed?

Here’s how the issue has unfolded so far:

  • Quality Education – Are You a Supportive Ally? – it all started with a story in The Australian on the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ program. Among many other things, the program included 11 year old children role playing as 16 year old homosexuals.
  • Safe Schools Program to be Overhauled – the federal government sensibly overhauled the program. Full copies of the review undertaken by Professor William Louden and the changes announced by the Education Minister can be found here.
  • The All of Us Unit Guide – a link to the official unit guide is provided here, together with a handy and fully referenced summary of the worst of its content.
  • The Early Childhood Australia Board – one of the texts on which the Start Early program is based (Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude) was written by one of ECA’s board members and is offered for sale by ECA on its website for $16.95.
  • More Evidence on the Safe Schools Agenda – the program’s Victorian co-ordinator proudly says that the program has nothing to do with celebrating diversity or stopping bullying – and that parents are powerless to ‘shut this down’.

Notice how these disgusting programs are hidden under banners such as ‘building respectful relationships’, ‘anti-bullying’, ‘safe schools’, ‘preventing family violence’ and ‘ending domestic violence’. What do these programs have to do with any of these things? The answer is almost nothing whatsoever.

Never underestimate the extreme left’s thirstiness for implementing this sickening agenda.

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