About the Refugee Who Set Himself on Fire

The Earth is finally rid of this abomination.

Ali Jaffari was no plain ‘refugee who set himself on fire’. He was a convicted child sex offender and child pornography collector. He also famously weaselled his way out of a further child sex offence charge when the Magistrate (Magistrate Ron Saines) said it was simply a matter of ‘cultural differences’:

‘Sgt Shears said Jaffari was walking around the oval, when he approached the child, removed the bat from her hand and rested it against a bollard.

“He then grabbed the child’s hand and began to lead her away before she looked up, saw it wasn’t her father, started crying and pulled her hand away,” she said.

“The victim’s father turned, saw what was happening and yelled at Jaffari, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“The victim ran crying to her father and he comforted her while Jaffari walked off around the oval.”

The prosecutor said, that when interviewed, Jaffari told police, ‘For us is not an issue.”

Mr Saines said the prosecution case fell short of criminality and cited cultural differences as a possible mitigating factor’.

The Magistrate didn’t even let the matter proceed to trial. In any event, it didn’t take long before this monster had his ‘protection’ visa cancelled and he was sent back to detention (pending deportation).

Of particular concern are the thoughts of ‘refugee advocate’ Ian Rintoul:

‘Yesterday Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said no crime warranted an indefinite detention and Serco, who operate Yongah Hill, had been negligent in their duties to keep Jaffari safe’.

So let me get this straight Ian: child sex offenders and molesters with no prospect of rehabilitation (hot tip Ian: none of them can be rehabilitated) don’t deserve to be locked up indefinitely? And when they succeed in killing themselves, it’s somehow somebody else’s fault for not keeping them ‘safe’. Unbelievable.

2 thoughts on “About the Refugee Who Set Himself on Fire”

  1. The rot started long, long ago. The “libertarians” started it with their successful plan to abolish the death sentence for capital crimes, then have prison sentences reduced, then have “mental condition” accepted as an excuse etc. We are paying the price now for sitting back and neither saying or doing anything to protect the innocent. Well done Australia – I mourn for you these days whereas once I was so proud to be an Australian. I have served this country to my best. Sadly, the majority now are only interested in themselves.


  2. I can think of a few crimes that do indeed warrant indefinite detention. Terrorist Activity, Mass murder etc. Or should we let dangerous criminals walk around undisturbed? Idiotic! With thoughts like his I consider Ian Rintoul an enemy of Australia, in itself probably a severe enough crime to justify indefinite detention.


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