Time Some Conservatives Took a Cold Shower

First up, I don’t like the fact that Malcolm Turnbull has replaced Tony Abbott.

However, long term Liberal voters claiming that they would now vote for Shorten and Labor (yes, there are quite a few) need to take a cold shower. Shorten? The man who, among countless many other things:

  • Sees no conflict of interest or any other issue in accepting a $40,000 personal gift from a company (Unibuilt) who Bill’s union was negotiating against on behalf of the company’s workers.
  • In response to the possibility of Australia buying Japanese made submarines, came up with a rambling diatribe delivered with a megaphone on the back of a truck (yes, really).

Really? Please.

I haven’t been a big fan of Turnbull’s, but he’s still easily better than anything Labor are currently serving up. So please, let’s put our heads back on and remember that it’s always about picking the least odious of the two alternatives on offer.

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