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Finance – Labor Style

Federal Labor appears to think that the government is spending too much money by putting $6 million into developing a smartphone/tablet language app for children.

Given that Labor annihilated well over $400 billion of our money on ill-conceived junk, its comments here are about as useful as a convicted paedophile giving child healthcare tips.

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Turnbull Keeps Spending

Turnbull and Morrison simply refuse to accept any responsibility for fixing the federal budget. To recap, we have:

  • $400 billion in debt.

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Editorial – Wrong Way Malcolm, Back Out

The moment Turnbull took over as Prime Minister, I wrote that his biggest challenge was getting the budget back in order, particularly in respect of the serious spending problem that we have.

So far, the talk has been about increasing the GST and increasing taxes on super for anyone earning more than $36,000. Hmm.

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What Did We Get for Our $400 Billion Loan? (Part 1)

In 2006, the federal government had $45 billion in net assets (4% of GDP). Today, it has a cataclysmic $400 billion debt on the books, which is budgeted to grow to $480 billion within the next four years.

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What Did We Get for Our $400 Billion Loan? (Part 2)

The hunt for where our money went continues here in Part 2:

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What Did We Get for Our $400 Billion Loan? (Part 3)

The hunt for where our money went continues here in Part 3:

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At Least WA Has Something to Show for it’s Debt

Emily Moulton of news.com.au asks whether WA squandered its ‘mining riches’:

IT HAS been billed as a once in lifetime boom, one that brought unprecedented riches to the ‘wild west’. But what has Western Australia actually got to show for the mining boom?

For many years, WA was long been regarded as the poor, long-distance cousin, the one you saw at family get-togethers but never really paid much attention to.

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Editorial – Malcolm, We Have a Spending Problem

While Turnbull and Bishop try to chophold hands with the Saudis on human rights, let’s go back to what Turnbull’s biggest focus should be – the budget. You know, that thing which currently has a $400 billion dollar debt sitting on the books, with annual deficits adding around $35 billion to the pile each year – and to which our future prosperity is tied.

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Families Making $150,000 a Year Don’t Need Welfare

As a percentage, how much of our total taxes do you think should be spent on social security and welfare? Before you come up with your number, try to think of all the things we expect our federal government to do when it comes to health, education, defence, major infrastructure, international relations and disaster relief (just to name a few).

Good, now keep your nominated percentage in mind.

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Henry Ergas Agrees That Turnbull’s Biggest Challenge is the Budget

Three days ago, I wrote that Turnbull’s biggest challenge was all about the money.

I am honoured that someone of Henry Ergas’ eminence agrees with me. For those without a subscription to The Australian, Andrew Bolt provides a meaty excerpt of the article here.

If it wasn’t Ergas, I’d have thought that my material had been swiped!