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Here, Have Some More Idiot Economics

This is The West’s useful idiot of an economics editor Shane Wright, wondering the other day where WA’s economic growth was going to come from. If you would like to play along at home, try to strain your brain for the answer – goodness knows Shane tried to have a go:

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Barnett Removes Another Knife From His Back

John Poynton has decided to ramp up his interference in Western Australian politics. This time, he has played a significant role in commissioning a private electoral poll in order to put pressure on Colin Barnett’s leadership.

As always, significant facts have been withheld from the public.

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At Least WA Has Something to Show for it’s Debt

Emily Moulton of news.com.au asks whether WA squandered its ‘mining riches’:

IT HAS been billed as a once in lifetime boom, one that brought unprecedented riches to the ‘wild west’. But what has Western Australia actually got to show for the mining boom?

For many years, WA was long been regarded as the poor, long-distance cousin, the one you saw at family get-togethers but never really paid much attention to.

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