Malcolm’s Weighted Priorities

Yesterday, I highly recommended that everyone head on down to Malcolm Turnbull’s web page and perform word searches for ‘liberal’, ‘Malcolm’ and ‘Turnbull’:

Quick tangent: for some fun at home, I highly recommend going here, hitting Ctrl+F, typing in ‘liberal’ and seeing how many hits you get (!). Then do the same with ‘Turnbull’ (!!) and ‘Malcolm’ (!!!).

(Yes, you really want to do this).

(It’s ok, I’ll wait…).

It appears that one of Michael Smith’s readers took up the invitation and put together a nice little graphic of the results:

On the Prime Minister’s website – you know, the one with the M logo – you’ll find the following word mentions:

Malcolm – 56 times

Turnbull – 47 times

Liberal – nil.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  Not a sausage.  Bugger all.


(H/T to Michael Smith and Tim Andrews).

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