Lessons in Morality From Hollywood

Following the 2018 Golden Globe celebrity virtue-signalling awards, we discovered that:

  • black is now quite literally the new black (I guess it was only a matter of time);
  • #metoo apparently means that, while behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner towards adult celebrity women is now definitely not ok, the issue of behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner towards girls under the age of 14 is still a bit of a grey area:

…and, for good measure:

  • the left is considering the merits of Oprah running against Trump at the next US Presidential election, simply because she stood out among a bunch of self-indulgent, narcissistic idiots on the night. You know the type:

(PS: Does this mean that the left has given up on impeaching Trump because of ‘the Russians’? Or that they knew it never had legs in the first place?).

As for Oprah, unlike Hollywood and the left did with Trump, I’m not going to arrogantly dismiss the possibility her making a run out of hand:

That said, let’s all imagine for a minute what US economic policy under President Winfrey would look like:


Where do I sign up?



4 thoughts on “Lessons in Morality From Hollywood”

  1. Agreed – otherwise Trump would never have made it. Check out the updated picture I put in at the bottom of the post too. They really do take the people for fools.


  2. I wouldn’t sign up and nor would you, The leftist’s biggest mistake may be to underestimate the average person, who may seem sympathetic to their preachings. At least I hope so.


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