Miranda Loses the Plot

Here’s a quick question: how do you think Andrew Bolt and the person who created the Delcon tag would get along co-hosting a radio show together?

The answer is this deliciously cringe worthy train-wreck.

For those that aren’t listeners of the usual incarnation of this show, it is normally hosted by Steve Price as part of his three hour evening slot – with the first hour being co-hosted by Bolt. The result is the highest rating radio show for its timeslot in Sydney and Melbourne – by miles:

Here’s the latest Sydney survey (see 2GB, Evening, Monday to Friday – the only one in double figures):


And Melbourne (it’s called 3AW there):


The problem for 2GB at the moment is that Price is currently away until he says ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!’ (yes, really) – and they need people to fill in for him for a few weeks. Normally, 2GB shuffles its other hosts around and things go pretty seamlessly. However, sometimes they have to procure someone from the papers.

Enter Miranda Devine.

If Devine’s intention was to take a giant Bernardi on the show and ruin its ratings, then she did a pretty good job of getting the whole mission accomplished last night in the space of about 20 minutes.

For those in a hurry, the fun begins at 5m 55s – this is where Andrew is introduced by Devine. They both admit that they have their differences of opinion and that the conversation may be ‘vigorous’ in parts, but have every intention of keeping things polite.

From there, it takes less than 20 minutes for things to completely degenerate to the point where, at 24m 45s, Bolt has to remind Devine that people are tuning in to the show to listen to him and not her:

Bolt: if you keep interrupting me, then I’m afraid I’m going to hang up…

Devine: oh Andrew, don’t do this, we’ve got five weeks… we have to get on.

Bolt: …well, in that case, you’re describing a living hell for me. It has to work like this: you ask me a question, I give an answer, you can agree with me or you can’t agree with me, but please don’t interrupt half way through while I’m—

[TMR: Bolt is completely right here. Devine was hardly letting him get a word in by this point].

Devine: well Andrew, this is my show, so you don’t dictate to me…

Bolt: no, it’s our show.

Devine: you don’t dictate to me what I do.

Bolt: well if it’s your show how about you do it without me?

Devine: is that what you want to do?

Bolt: I think it is if you’re going to go on like this.

Devine: well, don’t dictate to me what we do, you’re actually behaving—

Bolt: then let me speak. If you want me on, then let me speak.

[TMR: despite hosting a talkback radio show and being nearly half way into the hour, Devine has gotten completely caught up in trying to assert some sort of authority over Bolt and not let a single caller in yet].

Devine: alright, go ahead….

Bolt: I’m just saying, you give me a question, let me speak and give an answer. Ok? Why don’t we go to callers—

Devine: I thought this was a discussion? I thought this was a discussion?

[TMR: no Miranda, it’s a talkback radio show – remember the callers?].

Bolt: well, funnily enough, I managed to do it very nicely with every other fill in except you. Now let’s hear it from the listeners, throw to the listeners and see whether they think this method of having a discussion is profitless.

Devine: alright, well let’s do that when I’m ready to do that, but let’s just say one thing… the things we agree on…

Bolt: no, I want to listen to the listeners now.

[TMR: aaaaaarghhhhhhh!!!]

The question I have is, who was the person at 2GB that thought it would be a great idea to have these two on together – not just once – but for the next FIVE weeks!?!

Please 2GB, fix this and fix it quick.

Hot tip: the answer isn’t getting rid of Bolt for the next five weeks.

5 thoughts on “Miranda Loses the Plot”

  1. I regon she’s a fugn trojan horse m8, says Parrot Polly concernedly into my ear…

    Firstly, one must consider who owns the media whom is broadcasting this stuff…As most people have become aware the ‘establishment’ has large interest in media and propagate what is on there….Thus, would they only buy and control the left wing media(because they cant afford both), or, would they buy both and give the right wing a skewed version of what they want to here in order to retain that large pool of viewers/listeners…I dont want to insult any ones intelligence buy continuing this paragraph…

    Despite the aforementioned, lets view Parrot’s next points independently… Someone who uses the phrase “dont dictate to me” three times within a single dispute does not want to be amicable, something which would be the cornerstone requirement of a radio host team, yeah?…

    In addition…if this “Show” was so popular as illustrated by Marcus….That would be the prime target of sabotage hey…

    Also, just to rekindle what this is all about, one only needs to squint at the recent Milo affair at Berkley….this avenue of free speech, ‘coincidentally right wing,’ was totally refuted by the ‘establishment’ along with a total disgrace of human behavior present…Sound a bit synonymous? also, it makes the injection of a trojan horse in this case scenario seem like chicken feed…

    Polly regons fug polo dicks….


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