Day: May 18, 2016

The Rise of Populism

Merv Bendle has written a fantastic article on Quadrant about the rise and entrenchment of populism in Australian politics. In particular, the following section of his article provides a very interesting footnote to The Marcus Review’s 2016-17 federal budget analysis regarding the NDIS and higher education:

For example, the National Disability Insurance Scheme is the epitome of populist politics, based on emotion and sympathy for the unfortunate and provoking hysteria when the viability of the scheme is questioned. It is projected to have a total annual cost of $22.1 billion when fully implemented in 2019-20, yet the National Disability Insurance Agency administering it has admitted this figure will blow out by many billions of dollars annually because it cannot control the cost of the program as it lacks the power to define ‘disability’ or even to require adequate evidence that any such affliction exists. Consequently, there will be some 460,000 people immediately supported under the scheme (at $48,000 each), and that number can be expected to grow exponentially as its ready accessibility becomes widely known. It has the potential to wreak economic and social havoc.

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