Shorten’s Values

Bill Shorten has claimed that Medicare reflects his values.

By this, Shorten could only possibly mean that it reflects his values in the sense of taking money away from large quantities of people, giving only some of it back via an administration and keeping a cut for himself along the way. For example:

Bill Shorten – who, among other things, accepted a $40,000 personal gift from Unibuilt – who his union was supposed to be negotiating against on behalf of Unibuilt’s workers…

PS: it took Shorten about eight years plus a Royal Commission into trade union corruption to declare this gift.

How Shorten has never been brought to account for one of the most blatant and egregious personal conflicts of interest imaginable is farcical and a sad indictment on the application of our society’s laws.

If Shorten’s wondering why he’s having a tough time out-rating sludge, then he need look no further than things like this. His key role in knifing two Prime Ministers and needless berating of a pie lady in August 2012 haven’t helped his cause either.

When you add in Shorten’s incessant nonsensical dribble, then your mind really would have to be comprised of a bunch of flies buzzing around a piece of dung to take his values as being anything close to Prime Ministerial.

3 thoughts on “Shorten’s Values”

  1. Why is’nt anybody in the liberal party bringing up the royal Commission and its findings in their election campaign?


    1. It would appear that’s because crawling over the line without taking any risks in upsetting the PC/outrage/twitter/MSM leftie brigade – and openly standing for nothing along the way – is Turnbull’s preferred strategy.


      1. Seems to me his preferred strategy is pretty much the same as he’s exhibited since his coup d’etat – say a lot, backtrack a lot, bore people rigid, patronise electors, waffle and obfuscate, and generally look like a backstabbing bastard – oh, wait, that what he IS!

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