Man Wants to Grow Potatoes – WA Law Says No

Western Australia still has laws which limit how many potatoes people can grow and the price they can sell them for.

Both sides of government agree that these laws need to go. However, for reasons beyond anybody’s comprehension, nothing will be done until after the next election (currently scheduled for March 2017):

Both the Liberal and Labor parties are committed to scrapping regulation of the industry after the next State election.

In the meantime, the State government continues to waste taxpayer money and fight Mr Galati in court to stop him from growing as many potatoes as he likes. The law may currently be on the State government’s side, but common sense and sanity sure aren’t.

One thought on “Man Wants to Grow Potatoes – WA Law Says No”

  1. In Ireland eating new potatoes why can we be like the rest of the world,?No wonder they call wa wait awhile,let’s get what we want to buy.They say they kill babies, babies don’t eat potatoes ,if they go green you through them out ,it is because they ha e not been keep in the dark. STOP THIS STUPIDNESS


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