Un Isn’t Going to Nuke Australia… or Anyone Else For That Matter

Andrew Bolt wonders why everyone seems so blase about North Korea threatening Australia with a nuclear strike:

So why relatively little media concern? Why no breakout stories on how to save ourselves? What to do if the air raid sirens sound?

Is it because we’ve become so accustomed to having the US save us? And so accustomed to mocking the uniforms that guard us while we sleep?

True, the reaction may be explained by doubt that North Korea can deliver on its threats. But this confrontation comes precisely because we – and the US – are scared that it will have that capacity within a couple more years, and North Korea’s threat suggests that’s the plan.

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus at Catallaxy Files is also worried, albeit for more curious reasons:

In 2017 when there is a threat of nuclear war – we have brainless egos in charge

Image result for donald trump

Donald J Trump

Image result for kim jong un

Kim Jong Un

In 1963 when there was a threat of nuclear war

Image result for john kennedy

John F Kennedy

Image result for khrushchev

Nikita Khrushchev


Here’s why I’m not concerned at all: if North Korea has the required capacity (currently doubtful) and then actually decides to fire off a nuke at another country (very unlikely), where do you think it would aim the first one at? The obvious answers here are South Korea or the USA. Regardless, about 0.3 seconds after the thing is launched, it will be intercepted and North Korea will be wiped off the map, Un will be Saddamised or Gaddafied – and the world will watch on with absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Self-preservation dictates that even Un could see this coming.

A far more rational explanation is that North Korea is simply the boy who cried wolf. After years of North Korea’s threats, missile tests and belligerent attitude, everyone can see Un’s actions are merely a ploy to extract economic benefits and maintain his veneer of power over the North Korean people.

PS: ‘brainless’ would be a more fitting epitaph for the leader who gifted the Crimean Oblast to Ukraine for nothing in return. About the only thing more brainless I can think of in the same context would be our federal government gifting South Australia with a gas fired power plant. Hmmmm:


2 thoughts on “Un Isn’t Going to Nuke Australia… or Anyone Else For That Matter”

  1. A mere year and a half ago, everything sounded like a conspiracy theory. I plunged into learning about what was going on in my country and then the world, whilst I had been sleeping. Since then, I have written countless letters and emails to countless politicians and Officials, attended a protest rally, voted and posted on many a blog – in the hopes of effecting change – it was all too late.

    The Coup/Agenda 2030/Globalist takeover/whatever had already been enacted and, we, the worker ants, now toil to feed the gluttonish banker-led cabal…..one of the 99% slaving away – ekeing out an existence, all for the benefit of the Elite……fait accompli and no way out. The fear-mongering-media, constant adversarial global political scenarios, massive, hamster-wheel debt and multitudes of non-performing, apathetic, trough-guzzling politicians and public servants are all effectors of the matrix.


  2. Agreed. Nothing but flim flam.

    Another thing, the USA needs a boogie man.
    With the USSR and Cuba long gone as threats, North Korea is always a handy back up.


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