Not So Fast Mark…

The media’s ‘analysis’ of WA Labor’s victory in the WA election seems to be missing something critical: the upper house results.

TMR explains why WA Labor’s victory isn’t quite the landslide the leftist media has projected it to be and why Pauline Hanson would be smiling at how things worked out.

The numbers

Here’s how the latest upper house numbers are looking according to the ABC:


And here are the latest lower house figures:


For anyone who has passed year 3 maths, it’s obvious that WA voters weren’t quite prepared to wholeheartedly trust Mark McGowan and WA Labor just yet.

While Labor will have a 2 to 1 majority in the lower house, they won’t have anything resembling this in the upper house (a likely 15 seats out of 36).

In fact, the upper house looks like it will cause quite a few headaches for McGowan in that:

  • there are 36 seats;
  • 19 votes will be needed to pass any legislation (after being rubber stamped in the lower house);
  • Labor and the Greens will hold 17 seats;
  • the Liberals and Nationals will hold 14 seats;
  • conservative minor parties will hold the remaining 5 seats (2 to One Nation, 2 to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers and 1 to the Liberal Democrats); and
  • McGowan and WA Labor will need 2 votes from either One Nation or the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers to get any legislation passed – unless they can secure approval of the Liberal Democrat and persuade one of the others to split away.

One Nation failure?

Those claiming that Pauline Hanson has failed in this election are clearly lacking in basic intelligence. She has gone from having nothing to having two key votes in the WA upper house. In fact, Hanson will arguably have more power in WA’s parliament than she does in Federal Parliament where:

  • you need 39 votes (out of 76) to pass anything;
  • Labor, the Greens and Xenophon make up 38 seats – enough to block anything;
  • everything obviously must go through Xenophon if it is to be passed; and
  • despite Hanson making lots of noise, she and her party have very little actual power that counts.

Which outer planet are the media’s cadre of cadet journalists orbiting where they think that the WA election wasn’t a success for Hanson?

For more reading, Andrew Bolt has also called out some more of the media’s deceptive spin on Hanson here – effectively confirming what the above numbers clearly show: Hanson polled just as well as the Greens.

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