Doubling Down at the Church of Climate Change

I’m really starting to wonder about what’s going on at Sky News. While the television coverage is more or less balanced, the news website is becoming a sick joke.

Yesterday, I drew the line with this pathetic ‘story’ about how climate change is going to result in more ‘extreme’ cyclones. Not right now of course, but just you wait:

Queensland has unusually dodged them this season but more destructive cyclones will be unleashed on the Sunshine State in future, according to the authors of a new report.

The Climate Council will release its ‘Cranking up the horseshit intensity: Climate change and extreme weather events’ report on Wednesday.

It says storms, droughts, bushfires, heatwaves, cyclones and floods were being influenced by climate change.

‘Extreme weather events are very likely to become more intense and destructive over the next couple of decades because of the climate change that is already locked in from past greenhouse emissions,’ it read.

While the total number of cyclones across Queensland will likely decrease, like this storm season which has yet to record a cyclone, they are expected to be more severe. 

The theory that burning coal leads to more cyclones was quickly dubunked when the cyclones declined their invitation to the Earth Hour party. The theory was then altered to state that there would be more ‘extreme’ cyclones.

Of course, facts have a funny habit of playing their own game and the climate church’s unified theory of extreme carbon cyclontivity was also debunked some time ago:


(NB: notice how BOM is too ashamed to provide an updated graph beyond 2011?).






How about landfall cyclones? After all, it’s us wicked human beings that are supposed to to pay for all this sinful carbon dioxidism:



Again, notice how all these graphs aren’t current to 2016 – and how it’s nigh on impossible to find one? Now why would that be?

Extreme cyclone carbon theory became a complete farce when Cyclone Winston hit Fiji last year – with the climate change Vatican attempting to decree that it was the worst cyclone ever!  …to hit the Southern Hemisphere.

Thankfully, that serving of dog’s droppings was sensibly disposed of by TMR: 

Why would large chunks of the media want to recklessly mislead us about Cyclone Winston’s ranking in the pantheon of cyclones?

It all started when I read the headline ‘worst storm on record’ on (at 15:08 on Saturday, 20 February 2016 – before Cyclone Winston had even hit Fiji)…

‘Wow’, I exclaimed to myself, it’s not every day that you come across the WORST STORM ON RECORD.

Within seconds of my socks having been knocked off, they quickly found themselves back on my feet as I clicked on the story and saw that Cyclone Winston had immediately become downgraded to a cyclone ‘being described as the strongest on record in the southern hemisphere’

When it comes to air pressure (the lower the air pressure, the more ‘intense’ the cyclone), Cyclone Winston doesn’t even make the top 10 in the south pacific region, let alone the southern hemisphere…

If ranking by peak 10-minute sustained wind speed (the measure used by most international weather agencies), Cyclone Winston comes screaming all the way up to joint 4th in the south pacific region – but still well short of strongest ever in the southern hemisphere.

Despite having made complete and utter fools of themselves, climate catastrophists continue to double down – and Sky News seems to want to join them for the ride for reasons that make little sense.

Guys. Please. The tide went out a long, long time ago. It’s high time you put your pants back on and found something more productive to do.

8 thoughts on “Doubling Down at the Church of Climate Change”

  1. Virtue signalling by the graduates of three years’ attendance at Australia’s ‘finest’ journalism schools. Climate catastrophism is an absolute tenet of the Green Left, and no one gets through an Australian j-school who isn’t thoroughly indoctrinated in the basic canon of green Leftism. And these are the only people you will find working in media news and current affairs right across the country.

    Note James Delingpole’s account of the Myron Ebell presser at the GWPF in London for why Sky and every other news room are hysterics about Climate:


  2. As usually the case with you, very well researched and documented. I wish people who could make a difference would listen. I am not holding my breath…


  3. Why wasn’t the Church of Climate Change forced to attend the royal commission into institutional child abuse?
    Using the schools, they have been more abusive of millions children’s minds and any other place.

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  4. Why would anyone wish to report on something claimed by “The Climate Council”? Sky News should do a story aon the accuracy of old Flannelpants and his cronies over the past couple of decades.


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