Autumn is the New Winter

Why would anyone want to call an autumn storm a ‘winter’ storm?

The recent Perth storm on 21 May 2016 shows that the climate change industry never sleeps in its agenda to erode the truth:


“While it is a winter front and we are in winter, this one is up towards the top end of the sort of severity we will experience,” Mr Bennett explained.

Here’s the link: 

Take note of what it says – because when you click on it, you will see that the story has been given some Ministry of Truth-style treatment.

Gone is any mention of the word ‘winter’, together with Mr Bennett’s ridiculous and embarrassing seasonal views. Not to worry, here’s a pair of screen shots so that we can keep it on the West Australian’s and Mr Bennett’s permanent records:




The original version of the story is also still replicated at… for now.

So just who is Mr Bennett? The fact that we even need to ask this question shows the abysmal quality of journalism provided in this story. Yes, that’s right, the West Australian thought it was important enough to quote Mr Bennett – but not to tell us who he actually is or where he is from.

If we assume that Mr Bennett is from the Bureau of Meteorology and some sort of ‘expert’ (who else would the West Australian seek comment from in this situation?), then it looks like he could be Neil Bennett – the Bureau’s resident climate change catastrophist:

The weather bureau is normally conservative, but Bureau of Meteorology climate expert Neil Bennett said the data was staring climate change sceptics “in the face”.

“It’s climate change. It’s warming. It’s staring you in the face,” he said.

“This is crazy. This is madness, what’s going on now.

“The climate doesn’t change like this. This is really remarkable. The last four summers have all either been the hottest or second hottest on rec­ord.

“It’s not just Perth – in Bunbury eight of the hottest summers have occurred since the turn of the century.

“What we are saying is when you look and see the trend is going up, it seems foolish to try to ignore that trend.

“This is really, really unusual. It’s a sign that the temps across Australia are warming. There is no getting away from it.”

Mr Bennett said the climate models for “30, 40 and 50 years ahead” were also all “pointing upwards”.

With the Perth storms, there are only two possibilities as far as Mr Bennett is concerned: either he is grossly incompetent as a ‘climate expert’, in that he doesn’t know when autumn ends and winter starts – or he has deliberately attempted to re-label autumn as winter.

If it’s the latter, then what other things are he and the Bureau prepared to re-label?

5 thoughts on “Autumn is the New Winter”

  1. I have noticed this on ABC for some time now, apparently BOM has moved seasons with winter now officially commencing in May.
    Either that or the teleprompter
    writers are as dumb as the reporters reading them!


    1. It definitely requires further attention. This is exactly how Fabian style leftists operate – slow, gradual and almost unnoticeable changes.


  2. This Imbeciles’ comments should never be printed. By the way, temperatures can not warm as he so stupidly states (“This is really, really unusual. It’s a sign that the temps across Australia are warming. There is no getting away from it.”


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