TMR on the Road

TMR is on the road in Europe and sends you the heartiest of greetings from its first stop in Munich.

Among many interesting things to note so far are that:

  • smokers and non-smokers seem to have an amazing ability to co-habitate, without one group having to wipe the other from the face of open air public spaces*; and
  • mindless political correctness is definitely not on the menu (see various items in the first section):


Astute readers will no doubt recall how a similarly described menu item in was recently handled in Australia:

The Duke of Wellington has dubbed its smaller option the ‘Lady Parma’, sparking politically correct outrage on Twitter.

Sports journalist Adam Collins tweeted an image of the menu, with the message: “The @DukeMelbourne’s ~Lady Parma~ is smaller, and comes with salad instead of coleslaw. Can’t make this stuff up.”

“Finally! A parma small enough to keep me to a ladylike size for my husband. I do so hope it’s pretty & pink,” one follower responded.

“Hopefully it is served with smaller sized cutlery that will fit in our small ~lady hands~,” Louise Crossman tweeted back.

“Very important. I also hope it’s served on a dainty plate & that there’s a special lady zone for me to dine in,” another woman wrote.

And so on…

As for the good people of Munich, they seem to be handling their ‘Ladysize’ beers just fine – and without the need for the kind of confected outrage that’s indicative of complete detachment from the real world and having no life whatsoever.

Of course, none of this is to say that Munich doesn’t have it’s own problems to worry about.

In the meantime, when in Munich…


(*) PS: I’m a non-smoker for what it’s worth.

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